Episode #1: Introduction

Chris introduces the team, and gives the details on what the Snack Bracket is all about.


8 Responses to Episode #1: Introduction

  1. Mario says:

    Thanks for the warm greeting Chris. I can hardly wait “Snackbracket 2009.”

  2. Rick Stoeckel says:

    I’m excited to watch the match ups! I heard the original taste tester (an English Bulldog) had to pull out at the last minute…

    • Margo says:

      Correction: the bulldog did some covert “tasting” while I was at work today. If you can call eating two Snowballs whole “tasting”.

  3. DJ MBarky says:

    I’m totally gonna rock my bracket!

  4. Jason Allen says:

    I got the snack cake fever and I don’t even care for sweets.

  5. Walsh says:

    I got $100 on Kandykakes to go all the way. A 7 seed??? Really? That’s gonna be a sweet payday for me!

    And I must say, the #6 seed for Butterscotch Krimpets is a slap in the face to anyone from Philly….

  6. A fantastic game of basketball yesterday with Boston against Miami. Got me on the edge of my chair!

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