Episode #10: Ring Ding vs. Suzy Q Tale of the Tape

Huge match up out in the West as two giants collide in the first round. Ring Ding and Suzy Q are both big names in the high-profile world of snack cakes, but one of them will be going home right off the bat. Chris and Dr. B seem pretty confident that they know who will advance. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Episode #10: Ring Ding vs. Suzy Q Tale of the Tape

  1. Joe K says:

    Very nervous about this match up. I think Ring Ding is going to show why it is THE snack cake of the Northeast, not including the racist areas, like Villanova and environs (they prefer Tasty Kakes).

  2. Tom K says:

    I’m just going to put this comment here. I have to say, I’m quite disappointed with the pace here. At the current rate, we’ll have a champion by Valentine’s day; that’s just to long to maintain interest. Sure, draw out the semi-finals and the finals, but really the first round should have taken like three days.

    • Chris Quinn says:

      Hey Tom, that for the honest feedback. To be fair, you are not the only person to say that. Unfortunately, it does take some work for me to get these vids out. Believe it or not, this isn’t my day job. I’m planning on picking up the pace somewhat, and thanks again for the response. Keep them coming. Anything you really like about the site?

      • Tom K says:

        Yeah, I totally realize that this is not your guys’ job, that it is totally fun thing that you decided to take on and include us home-viewers. I was really surprised, though, by the scope: a preview before every match-up and then the match-up – that’s a a lot of video to do and obviously will take a lot of time. I thought you guys would really play the first two rounds low-key.
        I do like the way the results are reported, it’s nice to see the prediction of everyone by match-up on the bracket.

  3. Chris Quinn says:

    Should have three more up in the next 24hrs…

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