Episode #25: Devil Dog vs. Orange Cupcake

An Orange flavored snack cake? Chris and Dr. B seem to think it’s a winner, despite being the underdog to the Drake’s Devil Dog. Oh yeah…Dr. B also thinks the agents of Satan are at work….see the preview for more info.


4 Responses to Episode #25: Devil Dog vs. Orange Cupcake

  1. Russell C. says:

    This is such BULLS$IT!! Clearly devil dog won because of Big F’s nostalgia for it! In past episodes he said he said he wanted to be objective about his bias towards cinnamon and tended to gravitate towards more interesting flavors. While here, we get hum-drum dry snack cake because of _rank_ subjectivity! What an amatuer! I should have figured out what snack snack cake BF’S momy nursed him on to figure out who was gonnna win. Maybe I should ask her! Maybe she still is!

  2. Chris Quinn says:

    If anything, it’s as Dr B said…Devil Dog and the agents of Satan at work.

    • Russell C. says:

      Bollocks! Yankee Doodle lost to Zinger. Zinger was really sweet. The only reason BF could come up w/ was he didn’t think the cream filling should be there. Well fine! If you can’t really taste it, what’s the problem?

      No Satan at work here, unless by Satan you mean:
      -Big Snack Cake’s deep pockets
      -THe Snack Cake industrial complex
      -Big flax’s sobriquet for his oedipal calls his oedipal issues is “satan”.

      Whatever. I was sure this whole thing was rigged as soon as Little Debbie strawberry snatch cakes brought down Cupcake!

      Bitch, please…


  3. Chris Quinn says:

    Well, I have to admit, Russell, your logic is flawless.

    But, to be fair, we’ve been very up front about the following:

    -SnackBracket.com is wholly underwritten by Big Snack Cake

    -We live in a snack-based economy

    -Big Flax was raised by shepherds and may or may not have unknowingly killed his father

    But to say the whole thing is rigged? I think that goes a little too far, and once you’ve calmed your nerves with a delicious treat baked by our good friends at Little Debbie, Hostess, Drake’s, or Tastykake, I’m sure you will reconsider at least that portion of your comment.

    Again, great comment. Very insightful, and dead on in all other regards.

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