Ep. #35: Round 2 Twinkie vs. Coffee Cake

September 23, 2009

Round two begins and the gloves are immediately off. No more sheltering cakes from each other as two Hostess cakes face each other for the first time. The baddest boy on the block, Twinkie, takes on the runt of the Hostess litter in the Coffee Cake. But don’t think this is a foregone conclusion, the coffee cake impressed Big Flax hugely in it’s debut match. As as we all know, his is the only palate you need to please.


Episode #35: Round 1 Review

September 21, 2009

Chris, Big Flax, and Dr. B talk about the round that was, and look forward to some great matches in round 2.

Episode #34: We’re Back!

September 16, 2009

We’re back! Thanks all for the well wishes. I thoroughly enjoyed my intercontinental tour de snack-cake, and am ready to get back into the action. To celebrate the return of tournament, I’ve posted TWO matches, which brings ROUND 1 TO AN END!


Hostess Sno Balls vs. Little Debbie Honey Buns

Zebra Cakes vs. Golden Cupcakes